About us



Our journey has begun as part of MGM Star Construct S.R.L., a company that through its vast experience and professionalism is highly appreciated for its valuable work by a variety of clients around the world. Due to our high expertise in various fields and the constant interest in all that is new and innovating about future technology, we started to give special attention to the optical field. The progress we made in this field and the constant search for more and better led us to ROVIS Optics, which is defined by our biggest desire, which is to make the impossible, possible.


We are specialized in manufacturing high quality optics, physical and chemical vacuum deposition (PVD and CVD) and photolithography for industrial application. We can both manufacture optical products such as lenses (spherical, aspherical, diffractive), prisms, plano optic windows, mirrors, filters, reticles (using chemical and RIE etching with HRL, LRC chromium or filling) and freeform parts across a range of wavelengths and also apply special coating such as mirror, antireflective, beam splitter, filter, diamond like carbon (DLC) for IR and transparent - conductive (ITO), in order to fulfill all requirements needed by our clients.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer what is best suited for you from our vast portfolio, starting with a single prototype to a mass production of superior optical products.

We serve all types of industries like: Aerospace, Automotive, Universities, Military, Health, R&D a.s.o.  


We are in the business of making the impossible, possible and this is why we constantly develop new and improved technology, always making sure that we can provide the best and most innovative solution for our clients. We not only try, but actually succeed in being a liaison between what our clients want and what they need, in order to provide to them a first-class result.

Because weare sure that you want your business to reach the highest success and to always thrive, we ask you to challenge us with a sample so we can prove ourselves.


We are sure that we have what it takes to make your business even more successful.